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Why Use IAMAT Doctors?

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10 reasons why travellers use the IAMAT Health Network

1. Reliable doctors and mental health practitioners that speak your language.

IAMAT-affiliated practitioners are licensed in their country of residence and are members in good standing in their field of practice. The majority received post-graduate training in North America or Europe and they are all fluent in English. Many are fluent in more than two languages.

2. Professional care at an affordable price.

Our private practice doctors charge IAMAT members a preferred consultation rate based on a maximum fee schedule.

3. Direct relationship with the health practitioner. There is no third party involved.

You pay the clinic directly at the time of your consultation. IAMAT practitioners are committed to helping travellers with any health needs, including chronic conditions. There are no exclusions or limitations to deal with.

4. Providing both emergency and non-critical care.

Our practitioners are available for both urgent and non-emergency situations. Being able to rely on a qualified doctor or mental health practitioner during a stressful situation allows you to better cope with the situation at hand.

5. Get referrals to specialists and reporting back to your own doctor.

IAMAT practitioners will refer you to a specialist in any field, including dentists. Accessing the help of a local doctor who is an expert in infectious diseases or who can refer you to a cardiologist or trauma expert for immediate care gets you on the road to recovery faster. Our practitioners will also report back to your doctor back home.

6. Help navigating the local health system.

Our doctors and mental health practitioners will advocate on your behalf and help you with any issues that may arise during your experience with the health system of your destination country. They fill a useful role in your recovery.

7. Knowledgeable about local health risks.

Seeking care from a highly qualified doctor who is expertly trained to handle diseases and infections that are well known locally, but seldom seen or experienced in your home country, can be life-saving.

8. Compliance with international health standards.

IAMAT-affiliated doctors and mental health practitioners are vetted by our organization to ensure that health standards are met.

9. Respecting ethical standards.

IAMAT practitioners volunteer to be part of our international network. They do not pay a membership fee to be listed in our Medical Directory, allowing us to maintain strict ethical standards.

10. Current and up-to-date contact information.

We take care to ensure that our Medical Directory contains current contact information. The online version is updated as soon as changes are reported and the hard copy version is printed once a year.

Last reviewed and updated: December 19, 2016

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