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Travellers’ health is global health

IAMAT was founded to help travellers like you stay healthy. Travellers should be able to access to reliable, qualified doctors and nurses no matter where they are in the world. To make that a reality, we raise funds and support travel medicine education and training through our Travel Medicine Scholarships.

We have awarded 36 scholarships since the program was established in 2002. 

Meet our scholars

What are the Travel Medicine Scholarships?

Our Travel Medicine Scholarships provide training opportunities for doctors and nurses from countries where travel medicine is an emerging specialty. Courses are taught by experts at leading travel and tropical medicine institutions. The scholarships also include a practical component, such as clinical observation in a travel clinic, and may include a research project or exam. 

After completing their training, our scholars return home to teach their colleagues and medical students. They apply their new knowledge and clinical best practices in their communities, improving healthcare for travellers and local patients alike. This unique program provides scholars with the knowledge and practical experience to become certified practitioners in travel medicine. 

Are you a doctor or nurse? View our current scholarship opportunities.

Why is travel medicine training needed?

More people are travelling now than ever before. Doctors and nurses around the world are seeing more international travellers visiting their countries and more local people travelling abroad. Many health practitioners recognize the need for travel medicine services in their communities to keep inbound and outbound travellers healthy. 

Despite the need for travel medicine services, training is not accessible to practitioners in many countries that rely on tourism or have growing tourism markets. Training programs can be prohibitively expensive or non-existent in their country or region. The high cost of travelling for training also prevents many practitioners from studying travel medicine abroad. 

Our Travel Medicine Scholarships help to address some of these barriers by providing full or partial funding for course tuition fees, educational resources, and accommodations.

Who are IAMAT scholars?

Our scholars are fully licensed doctors and nurses who see local patients and travellers in their practice, but have not been able to access specialized travel medicine training. They are often already practising aspects of travel medicine or plan to establish travel health services in the near future. Many of our scholars are also lecturers at local medical schools and are affiliated with university teaching hospitals. 

What do scholars do after training?

Our scholars become leaders in travel medicine in their countries. In addition to providing travel medicine services to travellers and local patients, past scholars have held workshops for clinic staff and local medical associations, expanded the travel medicine courses they teach at medical schools, and established travel medicine clinics. In the longer term, they have become clinic directors and immigration panel physicians, coordinated local and regional travel medicine networks, and continue to contribute valuable research on travellers’ health.

How do scholarships help travellers and local patients? What are the benefits for scholars?

IAMAT scholars use their new knowledge and skills to improve medical care for patients and travellers in their communities. They provide high-quality medical care to travellers before, during, and after travel. 

Travellers can go confidently knowing that our scholars are highly trained in travel medicine. They are familiar with medical conditions that commonly affect travellers and have a deep understanding of local health risks. Our scholars speak English and one or more local languages, which allows them to help travellers navigate the local health system. 

Thanks to the scholarships, doctors and nurses are better prepared to meet the needs of inbound and outbound travellers in their communities. They develop specialized travel medicine skills which they can pass on to their colleagues and medical students including how to conduct a pre-travel risk assessment. Scholars also fine-tune their leadership and cross-cultural communication skills. When doctors and nurses are trained in travel medicine, they’re better prepared to meet the needs of both local and international patients – travellers like you!

How are the scholarships funded?

Our Travel Medicine Scholarships are fully funded by generous donations from IAMAT members and travellers.  Here’s where your donation goes.

How can I support the scholarships?

Our donors make a huge difference in the lives of our scholars and their patients. Whether you are travelling or not, and even if you are no longer an active IAMAT member, you can still support our scholars with a donation. You can also leave a legacy gift in your estate to sponsor a full scholarship in your name so that travel medicine spreads to more countries, benefitting travellers and local communities.

Examples of scholarships named after IAMAT legacy donors:

Bob & Haru Fisher Travel Medicine Scholarship
Stella & George Bryant Travel Medicine Scholarship
Violet Williams Travel Medicine Scholarship

Learn more about Legacy Giving

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Last reviewed and updated: August 13, 2020

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