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Make a difference: Become an IAMAT Scholar

IAMAT’s Travel Medicine Scholarship program is a unique initiative providing healthcare practitioners with the knowledge and practice to become recognized practitioners in travel medicine.

Our scholarships are the only ones of their kind supporting doctors and nurses from countries where travel medicine is an emerging specialty.

IAMAT scholars attend intensive travel medicine short courses and participate in clinical observations at travel clinics. Upon completing their training, scholars return home to lend their expertise in travel medicine and improve health standards in their community, benefitting local patients and travellers.

If you are interested in travel medicine and passionate about improving healthcare in your community, find out how you can become the next IAMAT scholar below.

What do IAMAT Scholars learn?

Since our Travel Medicine Scholarships were established in 2002, doctors and nurses from around the world have had the opportunity to train with experts in the field. Find out from our scholars how the IAMAT scholarship program has helped their practice and career:

Meet our scholars

You are eligible for one of our scholarships if you:

Robert Haru Fisher Travel Medicine Scholarship and Violet Williams Travel Medicine Scholarship 

These scholarships are available from IAMAT to mid-career physicians living and working in African countries outside of South Africa. 

Apply to the Robert Haru Fisher Scholarship

Apply to the Violet Williams Scholarship

Stella & George Bryant Scholarship

This scholarship is available to a doctor from Latin America to train in London, UK.

Apply to the Stella & George Bryant Scholarship

More information

Learn more about our scholarships and how IAMAT scholars improve health standards, benefitting their patients and travellers.

Travel Medicine Scholarships

Last reviewed and updated: October 2023

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