IAMAT |International Association of Medical Assistance to Travellers| IAMAT |International Association of Medical Assistance to Travellers|

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Travelling with confidence is important to you

Like you, we love travel. We’re driven by our passion for travel medicine and offer you a quality service, peace of mind, and a safety net away from home.

If you wish to remain healthy abroad or might need medical attention, our travel health service is the most trusted and affordable way to prevent illness, heal, and be healthy.

How IAMAT membership works

IAMAT members get travel health information exclusives and access to our network of trusted English-speaking doctors.

IAMAT is a social service linking travellers directly to healthcare providers vetted by us. If you need medical assistance, present your membership card to our affiliated physician or mental health practitioner who will charge you up to a maximum of US $100 for the first consultation. Our doctors will help you navigate the local healthcare system, refer to a specialist, and report back to your own doctor.

We are not an insurance company. Members who seek medical care from one of our reputable doctors may choose to file a claim and get reimbursed by their travel insurance provider after their trip.

10 reasons why travellers use IAMAT doctors

What you get

IAMAT Membership Card
Present your IAMAT Membership Card to our affiliated physicians and mental health practitioners. As a member you pay the participating healthcare provider IAMAT's fixed rate for the first consultation. Renewing your membership with a donation guarantees uninterrupted access to our medical services.

Doctors and Clinics Listings
Get access to qualified IAMAT affiliated doctors and clinics in more than 80 countries and 300 cities. Participating doctors and mental health practitioners are fluent in English, will refer you to a specialist in all fields of medicine and report to your own doctor if required.

Travel Health eLibrary
IAMAT members get exclusive access to our Guides and Tip Sheets. Health topics range from travelling with medications, travel health insurance, and managing jet lag.

Answer My Travel Health Question
Have a burning travel health question? As a member, your question will be answered as soon as possible by an expert.

Traveller Clinical Record
A handy pamphlet to be completed by your physician before departure which provides the IAMAT affiliated healthcare provider with your readily accessible medical history.

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Last reviewed and updated: October 6, 2016

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