IAMAT |International Association of Medical Assistance to Travellers| IAMAT |International Association of Medical Assistance to Travellers|
55th Year - Going Confidently for 55 years
55th Year - Going Confidently for 55 years

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Travelling abroad?

 IAMAT membership gives you access to:

  • Verified and up-to-date travel health advice.
  • IAMAT approved doctors and clinics around the world.

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Trusted English speaking doctors

Being sick away from home can be a daunting experience. We help relieve some of your stress by providing moral support and critical information from afar.

We put you in touch with English-speaking physicians and mental health practitioners committed to providing travellers with the highest standards of care.

Our members use the IAMAT medical system with confidence knowing that they can count on professional medical services according to a set fee and in their own language. You can expect similar care that you get back home.

How it works

  1. Contact the participating IAMAT clinic in your area to make an appointment. Phone numbers, emails, websites, and mobile numbers are provided in our medical directory.
  2. Present your IAMAT membership card prior to the consultation to alert staff that you’re a member.
  3. You pay the affiliated health provider directly.

Consultation rates

lAMAT members can expect to pay up to a maximum amount on the rates listed below for the first consultation provided by private practice doctors. These rates do not apply to hospitals and clinics which will charge IAMAT members their standard consultation fees.

These fees do not apply to laboratory procedures such as blood tests, ECGs, X-rays, surgical procedures, hospitalization or any other expenses incurred.

We are not an insurance company

IAMAT is a social service linking travellers directly to healthcare providers who are vetted by us. You pay our affiliated doctor directly for the consultation. Members who seek medical care from one of our reputable doctors may choose to file a claim and get reimbursed by their travel insurance provider after their trip.

See why our members use IAMAT doctors

Last reviewed and updated: December 9, 2014

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