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Changes at IAMAT

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Important changes to our travel health services

When IAMAT was founded in 1960 by Dr. Vincenzo Marcolongo, reliable travel health information and trusted medical care abroad was hard to find. Now 60 years later, as we reflect on our Founder’s vision and look towards our future, we have been considering how best to support the health of travellers in a changing world.

To ensure that travel health services are more widely available we will be shifting our energy exclusively to our travel medicine scholarships. The scholarship program is the only one of its kind that addresses the gap in travel health education and training.

As we evolve to meet the next challenges in travel health, our scholars are ready to help travellers and improve health standards in their communities. As we move forward, the following resources will continue to be available on our website for free:

The following services are discontinued:

Where can I access travel health information and medical care abroad?

You can continue to access trusted travel health information from our partner, Travel Doctor Network.

Our Travel Health Resources section also lists travel medicine organizations and government agencies that provide health information and medical listings, including travel health insurance resources.

Travel health resources

Will IAMAT still answer travel-health related questions or provide personalized travel health information?

We are no longer responding to travel health-related inquiries and personalized travel health information will be discontinued. We will instead be focusing our efforts on our scholarship program. However, some general travel health information and resources will remain available on our website.

Where will my donation go?

Your gift will fully support our scholarship recipients. When you give to IAMAT, you help our scholars get the training they need to provide trusted travel health services and improve health standards in their community, benefitting travellers and local patients. Your donation pays for our scholars’ course tuition fees, educational resources, and accommodations.

Why support IAMAT scholars?

International travel, improper or delayed diagnosis, and underserved health facilities create the perfect storm for the spread of infectious diseases. That’s where our scholars make a difference – by enhancing the health of travellers and local patients in their community.

Our scholars are young doctors and nurses who are not able to access specialized travel medicine education because training programs are prohibitively expensive or non-existent in their country. They are leaders who are already practicing aspects of travel medicine or plan to establish a travel health clinic in the near future. Since 2002, we have awarded 36 scholarships to recipients from countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia where travel medicine is an emerging specialty.

By supporting IAMAT Scholars, you are investing in a better future for travellers. Every donation makes a difference, helping to prevent infectious diseases and improve healthcare in the communities you visit.

Learn more about our scholarships

Thank you for taking the time to learn about these changes at IAMAT. We hope that you will join us on the journey to make the world a healthier place to travel!

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