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Although you have taken all the steps to ensure a healthy trip, being sick away from home is a daunting experience. Our role is to help relieve some of your stress and to provide moral support from afar by coordinating qualified doctors and mental health practitioners from around the world who are committed to providing the highest standards of care to travellers.

We put you in touch with trusted medical providers so you can expect the same care that you get back home. Our members use our Medical Directory with confidence knowing that they can count on professional medical services, in their own language.

How Does It Work?

Consultation Rates

lAMAT members can expect to pay up to a maximum amount on the rates listed below for the first consultation provided by private practice doctors. These rates do not apply to hospitals and clinics which will charge IAMAT members their standard consultation fees.

Ten Reasons Why Travellers Use the IAMAT Medical Directory

1. Reliable doctors and mental health practitioners that speak your language.

2. Professional care at an affordable price.

3. Direct relationship with the health provider, there is no third-party involved.

4. Providing both emergency and non-critical care

5. Get referrals to specialists and reporting back to your own doctor.

6. Help navigating the local health system.

7. Knowledgeable about local health risks.

8. Compliance with international health standards.

9. Respecting ethical standards.

10. Current and up-to-date contact information.

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