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Additional travel health resources to plan your trip

Finding a Travel Health Clinic

Canadian Vaccination Clinics - Find the closest clinic by postal code with vaccines411.ca

Canadian Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres - Listing provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada

American Travel Health Clinics - Find the closest clinic by city or state with the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM)

American Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres - Country-wide listing provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Check with your national public health agency for listings in other countries.

Accessible Travel

Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality - Dedicated to the needs of disabled travellers

Accessible Journeys - Travel planning tips and arrangement of medical equipment rentals abroad

Mobility International USA - Resources for study, work, volunteer, teaching or cultural programs abroad

Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide - Comprehensive information on how to plan travel with a wheelchair

Persons with Disabilities Using Commercial Airlines for Travel - Resources for disabled travellers using commercial airlines

Travelling with your Wheelchair - Tips on travelling with your wheelchair

Travelling Tips for People Living with Neuromuscular Disease - Checklist before you take off

Travel Tips for the Hearing Impaired - Preparation tips before you travel

Canadian Transportation Agency - Guide for persons with disabilities - A comprehensive guide to help prepare you before you travel

Travel and Dental Health

American Dental Association - Advice and resources on dental care issues during travel

Travelling with Diabetes

Diabetes Canada - Trip planning information and comprehensive travel checklist

American Diabetes Association - Travel tips and resources

Travelling with Food Allergies

AllergyFT app - Translates food allergies for mobile use. No internet connection needed abroad

SelectWisely - Translates food and health concerns into laminated cards or images for smartphones

AllergyTranslation - Translates food allergies onto cards that can be printed at home

Travelling with Heart Conditions

Heart and Stroke Information Point - Air travel tips for travellers with heart and stroke illnesses

Travelling with HIV / AIDS

NAM aidsmap - Tips on safe travel, including countries with current travel restrictions

Travelling with Kidney Ailments

National Kidney Foundation - Travel tips and advice for hemodialysis arrangements abroad

Travelling with Medications

International Narcotics Control Board - Country regulations for travellers carrying medicines containing narcotic or psychotropic substances

Travel and Mental Health

My Peace of Mind... IAMAT's Travel and Mental Health series

Travelling with Pulmonary Conditions

European Lung Foundation - Database on oxygen-related services offered by airlines in Europe

OXYTRAVEL - Coordinates oxygen needs and offers a 24/7 helpline for travellers in four languages

Pregnant Travellers

American Pregnancy Association - Tips on pregnancy and travel

Air Travel and Pregnancy Tips - List of major airline policies for pregnant travellers

Travel Health Insurance

Guide to Travel Health Insurance - IAMAT's comprehensive primer

Understanding Travel Health Insurance: Terms You Need to Know - IAMAT's glossary of essential insurance terms

Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada
- Find a member insurance company

US Travel Insurance Association
- Find a member insurance company

Travel Insurance Review- Provides reviews of travel insurance plans

Kanetix - Compare Canadian travel insurance plans

InsureMyTrip - Compare Canadian and US travel insurance plans

Squaremouth - Compare US travel insurance plans

Travel Health Advisories

World Health Organization

Public Health Agency of Canada

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Healthmap - Monitoring and real-time reporting on disease outbreaks

Consular Affairs

Government of Canada - travel.gc.ca

U.S. Department of State - travel.state.gov

U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office - gov.uk

Australian Government - smartraveller.gov.au

Professional Organizations

International Society of Travel Medicine

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Wilderness Medical Society

International Society of Mountain Medicine

International Society of Infectious Diseases

American Travel Health Nurses Association

National and Regional Travel Medicine Societies

Listed by the International Society of Travel Medicine

Last reviewed and updated: January 09, 2019

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