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 Travel health insurance


Travel health information

Primary focus is on emergencies and accident coverage.

Complete pre-travel health advice tailored to your trip. Verified and up-to-date health recommendations focus on preventing illness and staying well.

Doctors committed to helping travellers

Generally exclude or limit coverage for pre-existing health conditions and many injuries resulting from outdoor activities.

Reputable and qualified English- speaking doctors and mental health practitioners are committed to helping travellers, regardless of your health status.

Strict ethical standards

Generally don’t accept claims if you’ve seen a doctor outside their preferred provider network.

No conflict of interest. Our doctors and mental health practitioners – vetted by us –volunteer to be part of our international Health Network. They do not pay a fee to be listed in our Medical Directory.

Travel medicine scholarships

Corporate social responsibility programs are not directly related to travellers’ health or improving healthcare standards abroad.

To enhance healthcare standards abroad, we award travel medicine scholarships to doctors and nurses in areas where travel medicine is an emerging specialty, benefitting travellers and local patients alike.

Customer service and experience

Many companies do not have in-country medical experience or rely on a third-party to provide medical care.

We are the oldest provider of travel health services, advising travellers since 1960. We care about your needs and answer your travel health questions personally to help you travel confidently.


Profits typically go to shareholders or company owners.

We are a registered charity in Canada and the USA. All profits are reinvested in our programs and projects helping travellers.


Last reviewed and updated: October 6, 2016

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