Yemen: Travel Health Information

Prior to its ongoing civil war, Yemen was known for its history and ancient cities. Travellers could visit bustling markets and explore the country’s diverse and mountainous landscapes.


Standards for patient care and medical services in Yemen will differ from your home country. Healthcare in Yemen has historically been limited, and public health services in the country have suffered drastically in the wake of current conflict. Healthcare is currently well below international standards and there is a severe shortage of basic medical supplies and facilities.

In the event of a medical emergency, contact your travel health insurance company immediately. Hospitals in Yemen typically require upfront payment in cash, regardless if you have travel health insurance. Evacuation coverage is a high priority for travellers, since routine care or surgery will require medical evacuation. Ensure that you have accessible funds to cover upfront fees and adequate travel health insurance, including evacuation. Before you depart, check with your insurer about the extent of their coverage in Yemen. Be advised that all foreign embassy operations have been suspended and assisted departures cannot be provided.

Access to pharmacies and pharmaceutical medicines in Yemen is extremely limited. If you are travelling with medication, check with Yemen’s embassy, consulate, or Ministry of Health for details on medication allowances and restrictions. Note that these sources may provide incomplete or out-of-date information.

Road safety

The quality of roads in Yemen has decreased significantly due to conflict in the country. Road travel is considered high-risk and should be avoided.

Travelling to Yemen?

Before you go, check the list of vaccines and relevant health risks for Yemen. For personalized advice, check out our Travel Health Planner to get health information that’s tailored to all the destinations on your itinerary:

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Yemen At A Glance

Capital: Sana'a

Population: 28.25 million

Official language: Arabic

Time zone: Arabian Standard Time (AST)

Emergency #: 199

Vaccinations required: No

Risk of malaria: Yes

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