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China General Health Risks: Schistosomiasis

Infection is transmitted by snails living in fresh water such as lakes, rivers, streams and ponds in Africa, and some countries in Southeast Asia, South America, and the Caribbean.

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Schistosomiasis risk is present in the country, areas of risk are described:

Extensive Schistosomiasis control programs have successfully eradicated S. japonicum from many previously endemic areas. Cases are reported from along the Yangtze River, including tributaries and adjacent lakes of the following provinces: Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi (around Lake Poyang and on the eastern border with Zhejiang and Fujian), Hubei (area north of Wuhan as far as Xiangyang and in the south just before the Three Gorges Dam), and in Hunan (around Lake Dongting and the area of Changsha). Cases are also reported in Sichuan Province in the irrigation system around Chengdu and in the area of Xichang between the Yalong and Anning rivers. In Yunnan province, cases are reported from the area surrounding Lijiang, including the Yangtze and Mekong (Lancang) River valleys, and further south to Lake Erhai and Weishan.

Risk of Schistosomiasis caused by: Schistosoma japonicum

The main intermediate host snail is: Oncomelania hupensis


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