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travel vaccinations 2015

Updated vaccination advice for all countries

The 2015 edition of our World Immunization Chart is out!

This handy chart is used by travellers and healthcare providers to determine country-by-country vaccination requirements and recommendations.

A notable change this year is that South Africa no longer requires a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate from travellers coming from Zambia. Be aware too that a Polio vaccination certificate continues to be required from travellers visiting Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Pakistan and Syria for more than 4 weeks. Travellers need to show proof that they were vaccinated between 4 weeks and 1 year prior to entering these countries.

The Chart also provides descriptions of the geographical distribution of vaccine-preventable diseases like Yellow Fever, Tick-Borne Encephalitis, Meningococcal Meningitis, and Japanese Encephalitis. Depending on your destination, type of travel, length of stay, and health status, these vaccines may be recommended for your trip. See our recent series on how to prioritize travel health vaccines.

Highly recommended for all travellers is to update your Routine Immunizations, also known as childhood vaccinations. Many adult travellers forget to keep up with their vaccinations, are under immunized, or their immunity is waning. As a traveller, you can prevent bringing vaccine-preventable illnesses back home and unwittingly infecting individuals in the communities you visit abroad. See this interactive map showing outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases over the years.

For all the latest updates, you can also consult our Country Health Advice section through a destination or health risk search.