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Understanding Travel Health Insurance: 26 Important Terms You Need to Know

You purchased travel health insurance coverage and are ready for your trip, but do you find yourself looking at pages and pages of fine print containing legal and medical jargon?

Our latest resource Understanding Travel Health Insurance helps demystify some common terms found in insurance plans. It also includes helpful tips, advice, and questions to ask your insurer before you buy.

It’s a crowded marketplace out there and finding the best coverage for your needs can be daunting. Unfortunately, travellers can find themselves out-of-pocket for medical care needed abroad because they didn’t understand their coverage. Our members have told us that policy terms and conditions have many exceptions and are difficult to understand.

To help, we reviewed travel health insurance policies to bring you a guide on 26 important terms. This guide clarifies common medical and legal terms, and explains how they can affect your coverage.  Learn more about exclusions, limitations, pre-existing conditions and what insurers consider medical stability here.

At IAMAT, we believe all travellers should be able to see the world without limitations.

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Picture by: Hui Quan Yang

Article by: Joanna Poblocka