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Travelling with medications: A NEW guide

Are you travelling soon and currently taking prescription medication? Did you know that countries often place specific restrictions on the import of medications for personal use? If you are confused about how to travel with your prescription medication, you’re not alone.

Travelling with medications is one of the most common concerns among travellers. Country regulations can be unclear and difficult to navigate, while penalties for not being in compliance can be severe. Many of us are confused about, or unaware of, these restrictions and how they are enforced.

Even if you are in compliance with your destination’s restrictions, you can still run into issues with your medication during your trip. It can be a challenge to find prescription medication at your destination, while counterfeit medicines are also common around the world. This can put you in a very difficult situation if your medication is lost or stolen, or if you run out of essential medication while abroad.

To help address these common concerns, we created a new resource – Travelling with medications: A guide. This practical guide is the first of its kind and includes helpful tips, advice, and graphics that explain how to:

  • Find out if your medication is regulated
  • Travel with regulated medication
  • Pack medication safely and securely, and
  • Find medication abroad

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Image by Woody Eisenberg 

Written by Jacqueline Tucci