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“The search for the human”: 60 years of supporting health and building understanding

This year, we celebrate 60 years!

When IAMAT was founded, it wasn’t easy for travellers to find information about health risks at their destination, or even advice on how to stay well while travelling. In the decades since, our mission has been to change that.

Through the years, we have introduced ground-breaking resources in the field of travel medicine including our World Immunization and World Malaria Risk Charts, a series on travel and mental health, and guides on travel health insurance. We have also built a global network of passionate and committed IAMAT-affiliated doctors and supported the education of over 30 scholars from emerging economy countries to train in travel medicine.

All of this work has been in service to you – the traveller. For the past 60 years, we have sought to remove barriers to healthy travel so that every traveller can easily access the information they need to travel safely. With up-to-date information on health risks, ongoing outbreaks, required and recommended vaccinations and more, IAMAT is committed to your health.

This year the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical importance of travel health. We saw first-hand how international travel propelled the spread of COVID-19, which has now reached 214 countries and territories and led to approximately 22.2 million cases. Everyone around the world has been affected by COVID-19 but the impact has been felt more by some than others. The pandemic has further exposed how quality healthcare continues to be inaccessible to many. Global shutdowns and restrictions on international travel have also had devastating impacts on the travel industry, particularly in communities that rely on tourism.

As international travel slowly begins to resume, we have a unique opportunity to put health at the forefront of our travel plans. Now more than ever, we have a responsibility to protect the health of our communities at home and those that we visit.

As we move into a new era of travel, IAMAT is ready to help you stay safe and healthy on your next adventure.

Take a trip with us… back in time

To celebrate our 60th anniversary, we invite you to travel back in time with us by watching our video on the history of IAMAT:

Check out our special 60th Anniversary page to learn more about our organization’s history and our scholarship program. You can also view special travel memories from IAMAT members and submit yours to be featured on our website!

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Image by IAMAT

Written by Jacqueline Tucci and Claire Westmacott