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Taking travel health online

This article is part of our 55th Anniversary blog series. To learn more, visit our 55th Anniversary page.

The 1990s were a decade of rapid change in technology and communication. By the end of that decade, travellers were gravitating to a new community: the Internet.

The Internet and home computers made it easier to find information, so more and more travellers began to seek travel health information online. A big part of our work involves making it easy for you to find the information you need, so it was only natural for us to bring health resources to travellers electronically.

IAMAT’s first website launched in 1999 to provide periodic travel health updates and give members online access to the Medical Directory. By 2002, travellers could download key publications from the website, including our malaria resources and immunization charts. Today, travellers can access all of our information easily on mobile devices and computers.

Travel health education is a cornerstone of IAMAT’s work. We still print some of our publications for travellers who prefer to take a paper copy on their trip and for travel clinics to distribute. Through our website and social media, we can keep travellers informed of the latest recommendations and outbreaks as they happen.

Our eLibrary is full of whitepapers, charts, and tip sheets on over 20 topics. If you’re looking for advice about health risks or vaccine recommendations for a specific country, take a look at our Country Health Advice section. Our blog highlights travel health news and tips for specific travellers (see recent posts about travelling while pregnant and how to disinfect drinking water). We also list useful links for information on health conditions, insurance, and travel advisories.

We’re always adapting to advances in technology to make it easier for you to reach us. You can find us on social media, where we love to hear from travellers and share travel health tips and news. We’re currently active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Flickr.

Let us know… How does technology help you go confidently?

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By Daphne Hendsbee.