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New: Try our Travel Health Planner!

Simplify trip planning

Planning a healthy trip can be complicated. From vaccines to health risks, being informed can be time-consuming – and it only becomes more complex when you’re planning a multi-country trip. (Especially when it comes to Yellow Fever!)

That’s why we are so excited to share the new Travel Health Planner for IAMAT members.

Introducing the Travel Health Planner

The Travel Health Planner is a tool to help you plan a healthy trip. It provides health advice and vaccination recommendations based on your itinerary. Recommendations are presented in a simple table, followed by detailed information for each country. You can add as many countries as you like to your Planner.

The Planner takes into account the countries you will visit in order from first to last, including your departure country, countries you’re transiting through, and your end country. This aspect of the Travel Health Planner is especially useful for travellers going to or passing through countries that require proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.

Part of the “Health Risks at a Glance” section for a trip from the United States to Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru. (Generated in April 2017.)

Key features of the Travel Health Planner include:

  • Easy-to-read tables showing required and recommended vaccinations and local health risks
  • The countdown to a healthy trip, which helps you plan a pre-travel visit with your health practitioner and ensure that you remember important items like your travel first aid kit
  • A list of the countries on your itinerary with IAMAT-affiliated doctors
  • Insect bite prevention measures
  • Information on current outbreaks of Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika Virus
  • Links to detailed health risk information

The Planner is quick and easy to use. Most importantly, it highlights key health information for all countries on your itinerary.

Download your Planner as a PDF or email it to yourself or a friend. You can also save it to your member account for future reference.

Try it yourself!

  1. Log in to your IAMAT member account using your member number and postal code. (Not yet a member? Join today. Membership is free for the first year and renewable with a donation.)
  2. Scroll down and click the “Travel Health Planner” icon. Icons in the member account
  3. Add your departure country and destinations.

    Screenshot of adding Peru to a sample itinerary
    Select your destination from the drop-down list and click ‘Add.’ You can drag and drop the countries on your itinerary to re-arrange them.
  4. Confirm the details of your itinerary.
  5. Download your Planner.

Once you’ve tried the Planner, let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you.

Happy planning!

The Travel Health Planner is a planning tool only. It is not a substitute for the advice of your health practitioner. We always recommend that you book an appointment with your health practitioner before you travel.