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Photo by Dr Alexandre Kamnerdsiri

Meet our doctors: They’re travellers, too!

This is the third post in our three-part “Meet Our Doctors” series.

In previous posts, IAMAT doctors shared how their international experience helps them understand your health concerns, but here’s one of the biggest reasons doctors join our network: they’re travellers too!

For the love of travel

IAMAT doctors are passionate about travel. They want travellers to have a memorable travel experience in their countries. Here’s why they love travel, in their own words.

“I am always motivated and rewarded by a sense of duty and fulfillment in seeing travelers get back on their feet again, doing what they came to do. Travellers are true ambassadors of our common humanity and goodwill, something I love to advocate. Travel the world, come to Cameroon.”

– Dr. Ngoe Anthony Nesoah (Ngaoundéré, Cameroon)

Photo by Dr Bador
Photo courtesy of Dr. Jean Luc Bador (Vanuatu).

“When you reside on an island, travellers are always a source of fresh views on your own place and may direct your attention to things so evident that they may have been forgotten.”

– Dr. Jean Luc Bador (Port Vila, Vanuatu)

“I have very little choice in getting off an island in the Caribbean but to go by air, and when I do, I find comfort in knowing that there is an organization like IAMAT that provides a list of doctors whom I may consult at several destinations if the need arises. Luckily, I have not had that need to date. As a member of the IAMAT family of doctors, I can only hope that other travellers share that comforting thought.”

– Dr. P. Abdon da Silva (Christ Church, Barbados)

Laos countryside
Photo courtesy of Dr. Jean-Marie Hospied (Laos).

“I am ethnic Chinese and I was born and grew up in Hong Kong.  I received my undergraduate medical training in Melbourne, Australia. Upon returning to my native Hong Kong, I underwent basic physician training of the UK program. Hong Kong was a British colony at the time. Subsequently, I gained advanced physician training in Melbourne upon migration to Australia.  I am fluent in English & Cantonese.  My wife and I both enjoy international travel. With my multi-cultural background and exposure, I am very receptive to looking after travellers with travel-related medical problems.  There are many medical practitioners worldwide with backgrounds similar to mine who look forward to the privilege of helping travellers.”

– Dr. Sonny Lau (Melbourne, Australia)

Sunset in Belgium
Photo courtesy of Dr. Alexandre Kamnerdsiri (Belgium).

We’re proud to count such a diverse group of travellers among our doctors, IAMAT members, board of directors, and staff. When you travel, you know that you can count on IAMAT doctors for peace of mind and excellent healthcare.

In 2016, our goal is to welcome new doctors in 10 countries into the IAMAT family.

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By Daphne Hendsbee.