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Nadia IAMAT member services

Meet Nadia: Our member experience expert

If you’ve called our office, you’ve probably spoken with Nadia! Nadia Sallese is our Director of Member Services. Nadia has years of experience helping IAMAT members so you’re in good hands when you have questions about your membership, a donation, or our travel health services.

Nadia took some time out of her busy schedule to share why she enjoys interacting with travellers and what she likes to do when she’s not at the office.

How long have you been with IAMAT? What has changed?

I’ve worked at IAMAT for 29 years. So many things have changed! I used to work by myself at the Toronto office. It’s really nice to have co-workers and interact. I think one of the greatest changes has been in technology.  I used to use a typewriter to do our membership letters.

What’s the best part about interacting with members on a daily basis?

It’s nice to know you are able to help members when they have questions. I always enjoy speaking with our members and getting feedback from them.

Do you have a favourite membership story?

 I recall one member a few years back who was really pleased with the help we were able to provide and thanked us immensely for going the extra mile to get them information on epilepsy medications and high altitude that they were not able to find on their own.

What’s your favourite travel memory?

My favourite travel memories involve connecting with people in the city I happen to be visiting, like Paris. Whenever I travel I love to just go with the moment. One of my favourite things to do is sit at a café, enjoy a coffee, usually with dessert, and people watch.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I probably own over 80 pairs of shoes!