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IAMAT Extends Travel Medicine Practice among Professionals in Egypt and Tanzania

For 2022, we are pleased to announce two new IAMAT Scholars:

Dr. Walaa Shabana was awarded the 2021 Violet Williams Travel Medicine Scholarship (delayed attendance to 2022 due to COVID-19). Dr. Shabana is a Physician who works and teaches as an Associate Professor in the Department of Tropical Medicine at Mansoura University in Egypt. In her words, her goal following the scholarship training is to establish a “travel health center that can provide services to Egyptian and foreign travellers and to organize travel medicine related scientific meetings and workshops” for her colleagues. We are proud to have Dr. Shabana as a new IAMAT Scholar. Travellers in Egypt will benefit from her training and the launch of another travel medicine clinic.

Dr. Charles Tarimo was awarded the 2022 Violet Williams Travel Medicine Scholarship. He is a General Practitioner currently practicing at IST Clinic in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. From the scholarship, Dr. Tarimo (pictured here second from left with course colleagues while in Johannesburg) reports that he now has “a deeper understanding of the considerations, risks and variables to be considered in treating travellers to Tanzania in his practice”. He and four colleagues from Tanzania are now active members of the Pan African Travel Medicine Federation which promotes travel medicine throughout Africa.