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IAMAT 55th anniversary

Going Confidently for 55 Years!

Thank you for supporting 55 years of healthy travel!

It’s our 55th anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Since our founding in 1960, we’ve helped generations of travellers prepare for a healthy trip abroad. To celebrate, we’re taking a look back at IAMAT history, advancements in travel medicine, and even travel trends over the last 55 years like travellers’ fashions. Twice a month, we’ll publish a new blog post highlighting part of our history: we’ll talk to our members, the doctors in our network, and our scholars to bring you their stories about being part of the IAMAT family.

Celebrate with us

Share your love of travel through photos, videos, and stories. We’ll add them to the 55th anniversary page on our website. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Take an IAMAT selfie. Take a photo of yourself with your IAMAT membership card or Medical Directory (“blue booklet”) and share it with us through Facebook, Twitter, or email and tell us why you’re an IAMAT member. (Tag us with #IAMAT55 on social media!)
  • Share your story. Has IAMAT made a difference in your travels? We’d love to know!
  • Tell a friend. Pay it forward! Mention us on Facebook or Twitter or send a friend an email about your favourite IAMAT perk.
  • Shoot a video. Send us a 30-60 second video clip showing why you love to travel.
  • Donate. Keep the gift of healthy travel going and support the next generation of travel health professionals through our scholarships! Ask your employer about matching funds.

We also want to hear your comments. Tell us what you love about IAMAT and how we can serve you better. Watch for your invitation to participate in our next survey on our blog, in our newsletter, and on social media.