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IAMAT women scholars

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in Travel Medicine

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are proud to highlight the achievements of IAMAT women scholars. This year’s theme, Gender Balance, highlights the need for gender parity and how we can all play a role to advance the professional, social, and personal success of women. Historically, and still today in some countries, women have been prevented or discouraged from participating in medical fields. Although great progress has been made, supporting health practitioners who are women continues to be our goal, particularly in countries where opportunities for travel medicine training are limited. IAMAT Scholarships provide travel medicine training to doctors and nurses who need it most. Since its inception in 2002, the program has awarded over 30 scholarships to ...

Yetunde sitting at a desk.

IAMAT Scholars in action: Expanding travel medicine in Nigeria

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest IAMAT Scholar, Dr. Yetunde Fadipe of Nigeria. Yetunde received an IAMAT Scholarship to study and train with expert travel medicine faculty in London, UK. Last November, she participated in an intensive 5-day travel medicine course at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The training also involved clinical observations at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases and at the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) where she learned how to provide pre-travel advice to travellers. IAMAT Scholarships are fully funded through generous donations from IAMAT members. They provide training in travel medicine to practitioners who are passionate about improving care in their community for local patients and travellers. Here’s ...

Photo by Dr Alexandre Kamnerdsiri

Meet our doctors: They’re travellers, too!

This is the third post in our three-part “Meet Our Doctors” series. In previous posts, IAMAT doctors shared how their international experience helps them understand your health concerns, but here’s one of the biggest reasons doctors join our network: they’re travellers too! For the love of travel IAMAT doctors are passionate about travel. They want travellers to have a memorable travel experience in their countries. Here’s why they love travel, in their own words. “I am always motivated and rewarded by a sense of duty and fulfillment in seeing travelers get back on their feet again, doing what they came to do. Travellers are true ambassadors of our common humanity and goodwill, something I love to advocate. Travel the world, come ...

Dr. Nesoah and his wife

Meet our doctors: Excellence in medicine

This is the second post in our three-part “Meet Our Doctors” series. Looking after travellers is an integral part of practicing travel medicine. Travel medicine physicians are in a unique position to provide the best care for travellers, particularly at a primary care level. — Dr. Sonny Lau (Melbourne, Australia) Understanding of local health conditions Most of our doctors treat local people in their own countries, with IAMAT members making up a small proportion of their patients. They are deeply knowledgeable about local illnesses and how to navigate the health system. Most IAMAT doctors are general practitioners or internal medicine specialists, although some have completed additional training and specialize in areas such as travel medicine. Take Dr. Ngoe Anthony Nesoah in Ngaoundéré, ...

Meet our doctors: Together for your health

This is the first post in our three-part “Meet Our Doctors” series. An international health perspective You rely on our doctors to keep you healthy abroad, but there’s more to them than just medical expertise. Our doctors hail from countries around the world, bringing with them a deep understanding of both travellers’ health concerns and the local health system. Many of our doctors regularly treat expatriates and local people as well as travellers. Why do doctors join our network? Across the board, our doctors had one major reason for joining IAMAT: Because they care about your health. Here’s what they told us recently, in their own words. I joined the IAMAT network by chance, having been shown one of IAMAT’s maps ...