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8 Things about Dr. Fredrick Kinama

Meet Fredrick Kinama of Nairobi, Kenya, our latest travel medicine scholar. Dr. Kinama received the inaugural 2014 IAMAT Violet Williams Travel Medicine Scholarship to attend a travel medicine certification course sponsored by the South African Society of Travel Medicine in May. Here are 8 interesting facts about Dr. Kinama and what he learned during his training in Johannesburg. Is 32 years old. Speaks English and Swahili, and is well versed in Taita, a Bantu language spoken in the Taita Hills on the south eastern border with Tanzania. Graduated from the University of Nairobi Medical School in 2008 and is certified in health management systems. Among his previous positions, he worked in El Wak on the border with Somalia providing ...

2012 IAMAT Survey Results

Earlier this year, we asked you about your travel destinations and travel health needs so that we can serve you better. Below are some of the result highlights from the 2012 IAMAT Survey based on 1517 responses. Congratulations to survey respondents, Letty Ann Macdonald of Barboursville, Dave Smith of Sacramento, and Judy Stralka of Mill Valley, who won gift certificates from Mountain Equipment Co-op, Magellan’s, and TravelSmith! Top Travel Destinations In the last three years members travelled to the following geographical regions… Top 5 travel health concerns of IAMAT members Immunization needs and requirements Infectious diseases Food and water safety abroad Access to doctors who speak your language How to travel well with chronic illnesses 55% would like more ...

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Medical Travel, Travel Medicine, What’s The Difference?

You can understand the confusion. Similar name, different medical specialty. Chances are you have heard these terms before, largely due to the prominence of low-cost, affordable international travel. But what exactly are medical travel and travel medicine? Medical travel (also known as medical tourism, global healthcare, and health tourism), involves patients who seek health care abroad for a variety of reasons, including the high cost of medical treatments and long waiting times back home, their insurance plans do not cover certain procedures, or they want quick access to cutting-edge medical technology available in other countries. Normally encompassing elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, fertility or alternative medicine treatments, medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular for patients requiring ...