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Child playing in the ocean. Photo by Leo Rivas, Unsplash.

March Break checklist: Tips for a great family trip

March break is right around the corner! We’ve collected a few of our favourite travel tips to help you plan a safe and healthy family trip. Whether you’re exploring castles in Europe or cruising by coral beaches in the Caribbean, take a few minutes to run through this checklist and make sure your family is ready to travel. Your March Break checklist: The basics No matter what your destination, some travel health basics are always important! Immunizations: It’s not too late to make sure your immunizations are up to date. Book an appointment with your health provider to ensure that you and your family are good to go. Food and water safety: Knowing how to choose safe food and ...

IAMAT - The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers

Issues in Group Travel

When you travel in a group, if you are like me, you may sometimes leave your brains behind. That is, you leave a lot of decisions to the group leader. I had an experienced traveler come up to me in the lobby of Tokyo’s best western-style hotel to ask “Bob, you lived in Tokyo, I know. How do I get a taxi here?” And I had to remind her that the man in uniform at the front door here would summon her a cab, just as his counterpart would do at any major hotel in the world. But you should think for yourself when it comes to your own special interests, even if you travel with a group and ...