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Sea turtle swimming through a reef. Photo by Scott Ruzzene, Unsplash.

In the news: Coral reefs and sunscreen, toilets, and accessible travel

This article is part of our monthly travel and global health news round-up. This month we look at some of the big questions in responsible travel: Why are coral reefs dying? How do toilets and sanitation affect me and the communities I visit? We also look at two facets of accessible travel: A step by step guide to travelling with MS and one expert’s thoughts on why accessible travel is so rewarding, despite its challenges. In the news this month 1. Is Your Sunscreen Poisoning the Ocean? The New York Times It’s well known that protecting yourself from sun exposure helps to prevent sun damage that can lead to skin cancer and other illnesses. Sunscreen is one of the main ...

An unexpected twist: Travelling with temporary accessibility needs

Our Communications and Marketing Specialist, Daphne Hendsbee, recently experienced what it is like to travel with accessibility needs. Here’s her story and advice. An unexpected twist When I injured my ankle in a rock climbing accident, I never thought it would still be plaguing me a month later on a trip to Las Vegas. Travelling with mobility assistance was an eye-opening experience in accessibility, planning, and patience. Travelling with temporary injuries En route, I found myself stranded on an accessibility bus at the Los Angeles airport, unable to walk to security and nervously counting down the minutes until my connecting flight left without me. Although I cut it very close, I didn’t miss my connection. When I arrived in ...