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60th Anniversary

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Celebrating 60 years of IAMAT!

This year, we celebrate 60 years as an organization! When IAMAT was founded in 1960, it wasn’t easy for travellers to find information about health risks at their destination, or even advice on how to stay well while travelling. In the decades since, our mission has been to change that.

Do you know our story?

IAMAT was founded in 1960 by Dr. Vincenzo Marcolongo (pictured above) after he was referred a sick patient – a young Canadian traveller – by a colleague. Dr. Marcolongo made the medical needs of travellers his life's work, and in an era of increasing international travel, he understood that there was a need for collaboration among medical practitioners around the world to help travellers. The world is different today than it was 60 years ago. What began as an effort to ensure travellers have access to reliable healthcare abroad and travel health information wherever they are has evolved into something much bigger; spreading travel medicine to other countries with our scholarships.

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IAMAT Travel Medicine Scholarships

Since we began our travel medicine scholarship program in 2002, we have awarded 36 scholarships to nurses and doctors from countries where travel medicine is an emerging specialty, benefitting both travellers and local patients.

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Celebrating with you!

A milestone like a 60 th anniversary is a great time to pause and reflect on all of our special memories over the years. That’s why we invited you to share your favourite travel memories with us and the whole IAMAT community! Take a few minutes to browse some of the photos below!

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Like you, we love travel. When you give to IAMAT, you directly fund our travel medicine scholarship program, making the world a healthier place to travel. Our Scholars improve healthcare for local patients and travellers in countries where travel medicine is an emerging practice.

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