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International Travel Medicine Education Program

In our effort to advance global health and travel medicine education, we award travel medicine scholarships and lectureship grants to health care practitioners from developing countries. The International Travel Medicine Education Program is fully funded by the generous voluntary contributions from IAMAT members.

IAMAT Travel Medicine Scholarship Fund

The IAMAT Scholarship Fund, celebrating its 10th Anniversary, is the only one of its kind supporting doctors and nurses from low income areas – and typically popular tourism destinations – to study and train in travel medicine abroad. This unique program provides scholars with the knowledge and practice to become certified practitioners in travel medicine. Upon graduation, scholars return to their home country to lend their expertise in travel medicine clinical best practices, elevate local healthcare standards, teach their colleagues, and expand the network of IAMAT affiliated clinics around the world to benefit international travellers and local patients alike.

The goals of the scholarship fund are to:

We have awarded 19 scholarships since the program started in 2002 at the University of Washington in Seattle. In 2009, the program was moved to the Kaiser Permanente Honolulu Clinic in Hawaii, USA and a new training site was added in Haikou, China in 2012.

Kaiser Permanente Honolulu Clinic
Scholarship recipients take part in a six-week intensive training program at the Kaiser Permanente Honolulu Clinic. Focusing on patient-centered care, students learn pre- and post-travel health protocols, and participate in small group teaching sessions, clinical rotations, case study research, and cultural exchanges.

>> IAMAT Hawaii Scholars

Hainan Medical University
Students participate in a three-month session on theoretical and practical approaches to travel medicine. Courses in immunology, international travel and health, environmental health, emergency medicine, epidemiology, disease prevention, intertravel medical insurance, and food safety and hygiene are taught in English.

>> IAMAT-Hainan Scholarship

IAMAT Travel Medicine Lectureship Grants

To encourage research in the medical aspects of travel, we provide lectureship grants to international medical societies for visiting tropical medicine scholars to exchange information and research on the prevention and treatment of tropical diseases. The Dr. Vincenzo Marcolongo Memorial Lecture at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Annual Meetings, sponsored by IAMAT since 1990, is an ongoing contribution to the field. See the complete list of ASTM&H Marcolongo lectures.

2012 Marcolongo Lecture by Dr. Buddha Basnyat, Kathmandu, Nepal
>> PDF Gall Bladder Carriage of Typhoid Salmonella: A Case of Mistaken Identity?

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